Everyday is an ongoing self-portrait project by Noah Kalina

Noah’s interest in self-portrait photography began when he was 16.
It started with an interest in the passage of time and its subtle effects on places and people.

He began taking pictures of himself with film and Polaroid cameras after being inspired by a scene in the 1995 film Smoke, in which a character named Auggie shows off his photo album of images–all of the same Brooklyn street corner.

Watch the scene from smoke here
The Everyday project officially started on January 10th, 2000, when Noah was 19.
He began taking a picture of himself every day after receiving his first digital camera, the Sony DCR PC100.
After 6 years and 2,356 photos, Noah released a timelapse of Everyday on Youtube.
The project went viral. To date, it has gathered 27 million views, many of them during the earliest days of Youtube.
From the Simpsons to Switzerland, Everyday was suddenly everywhere.
After 6 quiet years, the project now found itself with global news coverage, exhibited at the Musée de l'Elysée in Switzerland, recreated at the VMAs, and celebrated by the Simpsons.
Noah continued to take photographs of himself, releasing his next version of Everyday 6.5 years later, in 2012.
Now with 12.5 years, or 4,514 days of photos, Noah's Everyday project had been viewed over 33.5 million times.
After another 8 years, Noah released his third version of Everyday in 2020.
By the 20th anniversary of Everyday, Noah, now 39 years old, had taken 7,263 photos.
Two years later, in January 2022, development of the everyday.photo website was begun to create a permanent home for the project.
The Everyday project was created to capture the passage of time and its subtle effect on people and places.

To further this goal, each photo has been manually tagged with the people and objects that appear in Noah's life.

These traits offer a new way to explore the Everyday project and the way that time changes our environment, our relationships, and ourselves.

“we all know how this ultimately ends”

- Noah Kalina